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SAM Party DJ v3

Labeled as "a fully featured, professional DJ system with Dual player decks, Beat matching, Crossfading, Gap killer, Queue, Cue/Fade/Intro points, VoiceFX, SoundFX, album cover support and able to handle large playlists".

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The leader in Dj Systems 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Georgi Jivankin, Aug 7 2005 12:00AM

Sam Party Dj is best dj system with many functions, which can help every dj to mix a music professionally. With the two decs, playlist categories, automatically detection of the silence at the beginning and at the end of the track, making it ready for playing without further editing, Sam Party Dj is one of the leaders in Virtual dj systems on the market. Spacialaudio have created professional radio automation system suitable for internet radiostations, the big brother of Sam Party dj, Sam Broadcaster. Sam Broadcaster V 3 has many features for radio stations: 4 players, playlist categories and 3 modes for rotation, automatically selecting and playing the music, without any live assist, generating webPages, giving the chance to request your favourite music directly from radiostation's website and much,much more.
For more information and demo download of these two programs visit:
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