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2CH - 1170AM

10 out of 10 stars (1 vote)

Easy listening station in Sydney broadcasting on 1170AM.

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2CH Sydneys Easy Favourite 5 out of 5 stars

The Cult of 2CH

Reviewed by: Mir Mir, Jan 31 2005 12:00AM

2CH is so far the only decent music station in Sydney. I know its ratings are a basement special but its a great station. I think the fact its easy listening and AM puts people off of it. It format is more of 'hot easy listening alot like 'hot ac'. It has a rotaional format one that you have to tune in over weeks to see the patten of. You will need to learn this pattern to make a song request or to hear what you like most. I still havent found to much that I hate. It has the good old fashined still in fashion 10 min ad breaks. To me 2CH is radio dream come true. I like just about everything that it does except when its web stream breaks and I could go on forever about the panic that ensues on this side when they monkey with it once a week. 2CH was found as part of my little project of finding AM music stations. They are as rare as hens teeth. I like AM I think it should have a full compliment of stations. 2CH is the only decent music station I have really really liked. I cant put my finger on exactly what it is they do to earn that place in my heart. Things I dont understand on 2CH. 2CH has those big ad blocks that I think drive even god nuts. I sit through it but I know other people see it as a invite to turn the station. I have heard some rumours about some evil in the winds reguarding the mighty and great 2CH so I dunno how long and if they are staying music. Lots of talk in the papers about them well there owners Maquarie. The talk is mostly politcal like IPO and stock options stuff. Important because that may mean a format change and there website now bears the tag 'All new 2CH comeing soon' to fans of a station they like bad news one of 2 way to be let down easy or just have it done fast and with no looking back. I like to be let down easy. I have been on the reviceing end of evil and malicious format changes and I hated it every time it happened. Anyhow the only change is a new special on after there 9 oclock music show. Its a exstended news cast. Not sure if the 2CH types will like it or not. Maqurie owns 2gb there news and talk back so whats the point in haveing 2 stations with essentaly the same format I dunno. Anyhow I like 2CH as it is now. I have a short list of changes it can do about those long ad blocks and they are on DAB so theres something for them there and a incentive to stay music. 2CH better stay music thats all I have to say. 2NUR webstream never works or is always off one or the other and the stations around me are dismal to say the least. Plus Fm is a evil fad... (I know I know but I can still dream cant I:)

-that goy who likes those AM station.... you that guy HIM... you mean me Mir MIr
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