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Realaudio popular

Live and on-demand audio, video and animation for internet. The original audio streaming software. Download free player and encoder, or buy realtime streaming software.

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"Software package for PocketPCs developed for local, regional and national RTV broadcasters which makes it possible for journalists to record interviews and edit".

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Providing the RadioWave Player for free download.

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Streaming audio software for Windows and Unix machines. Using MP3 technology. From Nullsoft.

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"Takes audio from your line-in, microphone or even any audio being played over your soundcard and then encodes this audio in real-time to be streamed over the internet to listeners across the world - all with a single click of a button. Metadata adaptors allows external applications to send song and captioning data to SimpleCast. (Already has native support for most major automation systems). Gather real-time statistics from all your streaming servers so you know how many listeners are connected at any given time and generates song history logs".

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Unreal Media Server

"No need to re-encode your existing media files! We stream AVI, DivX, MPEG (MPEG-1), WMV, MP3, QuickTime, and any other format supported by Microsoft DirectX".

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WinAmp Plugin

"The Encoders DSP plugin will encode and stream the audio being played over Winamp to listeners across the world, while also supporting full title streaming. Encoder support for MP3, mp3PRO, WM9 and Ogg in multiple formats or even multiple bitrates".

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